Carbolite Awnings




Carbolite Awnings give you the protection, the looks and much more. Carbolite is 99.9% UV protective. UV Rays are the element behind the fading and rotting of your furniture and carpet. The protective coating extruded in Carbolite filters out these rays ensuring your furniture and carpets remain protected.


Carbolite is ideally suited to applications where rain protection is required without reducing too much natural light.  By filtering out much of the harmful UV, only gentle natural light is transmitted.

This product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional bullnosed to the architecturally domed and the contemporary flat, we are able to suit all applications.


Carbolite is unique in its ability to remain a lightweight material yet be 200 times tougher than standard float glass. It is impervious to up to 25mm hail stones and has guarantees against cracking and rotting (conditions apply).


The aluminium frames come in 4 standard colours – White, Cream (Primrose), Black Satin and Bronze anodised. However for an extra cost, we can match any powder-coat colour you need. Additional colours are also available for the Dulux colour chart.

The sheeting comes in 5 designer colours – Clear, Grey, Solar Metal, Bronze and Solar Ice.

We recommend clear and bronze for areas that don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight as they generate greater heat underneath on hot days. We recommend the solar colours (Ice and Metal) and Grey for areas that do need sun protection.