Our Products

Finding the right window furnishings your home is not a “one size fits all” option or something you can simply buy off the shelf

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your window furnishings;


Size of window to cover plays a large role in product selection. Prices on fabrics can sometimes exceed timber whether it be shutters or venetians, some products are designed specifically to cover large glass apertures

We will find the right window treatment for your window type be it, Wall to ceiling, corner windows, sliding doors, large apertures, internal partition, outdoor space, decking, veranda, balcony or car port


Consider its practical use as an insulator, a thermal barrier and its sound cancelling qualities. How easy is it to keep clean? How does it react to temperature changes, moisture, UV? How does it look from the outside looking in?

How long will this product last? Will it perish over time, how easy it is it to maintain, repair, replace?


This is the flexibility of the product in creating various lighting moods, controlling light, heat and view.

Do you need total block out, diffuse light, filter light in, keep heat out, privacy or do you need all of the above?

We like to pair products together to best meet these requirements, for example group white timber venetians with sheers and lined curtains creates a statement window whilst allowing you to control all your heat, light and view settings.


Temperature control, seasonal changes keeping heat IN/OUT cold IN/OUT

If its heat you want to keep out, stopping the sun hitting the window in the first instance is always our recommendation; an awning or external blind may be a more practical solution in most cases.


Can the product be automated, controlled by remote, react to sun & wind sensors or pre-programmed through the “Home Hub” app?

Ask at our showroom for more info on types of automation and their additional costs.


This applies to Plantation shutters, venetians, verticals, panel glides and visage products. Samples available at our showroom.


We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our installations. At anytime after this period, if you need our help just give us a call, we are more than happy to come out and help.


Warranties do vary from manufacturer, type of material and its size, please see us at our showroom for more specific product warranty information.


A wide range of fabric houses from both here and Europe, various material types, canvas strengths, privacy and UV ratings, weights, textures and patterns. Samples available at our showroom.


Colour match popular Dulux wall paint, paint finishes, match external products to the Colourbond palette. Samples available at our showroom.


We always strive to support local where possible. We work with local manufacturers and source plantation shutters either from Australia or China depending on your budget. As a local family business, having also worked in the manufacturing of window furnishings ourselves, we will always opt for Australian first.


The location of our suppliers is an important factor to consider when you can get the same, if not better quality plantation shutters in Australia in 4-6 weeks or shipped from China in 6-9 weeks. We keep you posted throughout the process, with a follow-up call once we have received information from the supplier on shipping dates. Once your items are at our workshop we will call again to schedule a fitting time with you.

Come into our Francis Street showroom, we look forward to meeting you and hope we can be of service.