Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the best option for large sliding doorways.

They have a bad name and are deemed “dated” until our clients see the large range of beautiful new fabrics available.

One of our popular options is a sheer fabric drape, thicker than a sheer curtain, it still gives you privacy whilst defusing the light, it’s a beautiful way to dress a large aperture or sliding door arrangement.

Vertical Blinds are such a practical option for your home or office. You can control the light and view by rotating the blades or by completely drawing them open.

It was a delight to deal with this local Company who's staff all believe in good old fashioned service and who provide excellent value for money, products, and professional installation on time and as per quote. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is looking for these attributes.
The blinds can be fitted to open from the left, the right, the centre or may be centrally stacked.

An affordable & practical option for rental properties as individual blades can be easily replaced.


They work best fitted inside the window reveal and are ideally suited to large apertures and over sliding doors.

Simple easy-to-use fingertip controls rotate the individual slats through 180 degrees giving absolute control over the light and the level of desired privacy.



  • Extensive range of blade fabric colours, textures and patterns


  • Available in 90mm & 127mm blade widths


  • Blade weights can be sewn, hidden or linked by chain


  • Tracks can be powder-coated to match wall colour

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