Fixed Awnings

Fixed Awnings

Manufactured in either carbolite or colorbond the fixed awning is ideally suited to applications where rain protection is required without reducing too much natural light. 

Carbolite is unique in its ability to remain a lightweight material yet be 200 times tougher than standard float glass.

Both the carbolite and Metal Colorbond awnings are impervious to up to 25mm hailstones and have guarantees against cracking and rotting.

Our range of Fixed Awnings and canopies are perfect for patios or commercial spaces where protection from rain and sun is essential. Our colorbond awnings come in the full colorbond colour range and various profiles. They are custom made to any size and the designs can be a standard shape or totally unique to blend with any type of architectural design.

Perfect for entranceways, doorways and over windows to protect from rain and provide shade all year round.

Product Specifications

Size Minimum: 500mm width – 300mm drop
Maximum: 5000mm width - 2000mm drop
Warranty 5 year installation warranty
5year manufacturer warranty
Price Range all awnings are custom made from your material and component selection and range from $800 - $2000
Made In Australia (Sydney, Melbourne)
Lead Times 3 – 4 WEEKS


fabric choices

Extensive range of blade fabric colours, textures and patterns


Great way to cut down solar gain

fabrics to choose

Low maintenance

Various cell sizes

Long lifespan

6 brands ranging

Manually operated


No automation capabilities


Depending on material choice, for general maintenance, clean with water and cloth, can be hosed down, but not with a pressure hose. Alternatively, use our preferred cleaning company, for more info please contact our showroom.


Extremely happy with both the service & product received. Re-vamped the whole house. They were professional & helpful through the process and even took my old blinds & curtains away with them, highly recommended!

Kim Hill