French Weave

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French Weave

Le Blinde French woven timbers by Peter Meyer can be made into Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds and Panel Glides. They can be used in their beautiful Natural state or stained to your requirements or even custom painted.

Their relaxed look works especially well in “beach-house” interiors, giving an airy feel to a room. The French Weave comes in 13 styles, 4 of which are Block-Out, the rest are considered Light-Filtering and provide shade and privacy during the day, whilst maintaining some view out of the window. At night, however, these fabrics do not give 100% privacy with the lights on inside

Depending on your choice of installation, an inside mounted or Reveal Fit Roman will come with a built in Pelmet to cover the lifting mechanism on the front of the blind. A Roman Blind fitted to the outside of the architrave or Face Fit does not require a pelmet as the mechanism is hidden behind the blind.  

Our French woven timber add a timeless element to any decor. We also bias-bind the edges of our Woven Timber Blinds to give them a finish that will last the test of time. Naturally our woven timber can be made in a manual cord and cleat operation, continuous  or motorised. 

Product Specifications

Size minimum:
Roman: 750mm width x 750mm drop
Roller: 750mm width x 400mm drop
Panel: 400mm width x 400mm drop

Roman: 2400mm width x 3000mm drop
Rollern: 1800mm width x 3000mm drop
Panel: 2400mm width x 3000mm drop
Warranty 5 year installation warranty
3 year manufacturer warranty
Price Range all blinds are custom made from your fabric and component selection and range from $600 - $3000
Made In Australia (Sydney)
Lead Times 3 – 5 WEEKS


fabrics to choose

Available in 3 distinct product styles; Romans, Rollscreens and Panel Glides.


Privacy: Four weaves are designed to give privacy. All others give daytime privacy while allowing you to see out. This reverses at night.

Various cell sizes

Weaves: 13 Weaves in total. 5 Natural [ Beech ], 4 Mocha [ Mahog ], 4 Le Finishe [ 2 Le Washe + 1 Stain + 1 Paint colour ]

Custom powder coating of rails

Finishes: Natural, clear lacquer, custom painted or stained.

Side channels

Thermal Properties: Timber is one of nature’s best insulators. UV protection will vary proportional to openness of weave as will insulation and light transmission

completely customizable

Variety of control options, cord, chain and motor


Somfy hard-wired, wireless, remote control, timer control, light switch control, somfy connexion app, google, Alexa or your in-home automation system.


Depending on material choice, for general maintenance, slide a feather duster along the surface or the soft attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, use our preferred cleaning company, for more info please contact our showroom.


Excellent people to deal with. Competitive prices, first rate service and professional installation. Highly recommend.

Dimitrios Tantalidis