Pivot Arm Awning

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Pivot Arm Awning

The Pivot Arm Awning has been an Aussie favorite for generations. Traditionally the Convertible uses a rope and spool system and a heavy canvas material. 

This product is a roller blind style awning which has pivot arms attached to the valance (front edge of the fabric) projecting the fabric out from the window. 

The Awning can be raised and housed inside a metal hood (sprayed in a wide range of powdercoat colours) to protect and hide the roll of fabric, Headboxes come in a range of styles from the traditional hood to fully enclosed for a more contemporary finish.

When lowered either by external rope, internal pull cord, internal winder or motor, the fabric comes down at 45 degrees to the top of the window. In its half-way position you will block out the direct sun, but allow for light to come in from underneath. The awning can be further lowered to cover the window completely.

This can be fitted with sunscreen, Acrylic and canvas in a host of stripes, colours and designs, including custom branding.

Product Specifications

Size Minimum: 750mm width – 750mm projection
Maximum: 3000mm width - 2000mm projection
Warranty 5 year installation warranty
3 year manufacturer warranty
5 – 10 year fabric warranty
Price Range all awnings are custom made from your fabric and component selection range from $500 - $3000
Made In Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), GERMANY, UK
Fabrics from UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand & Australia
Lead Times 4 – 10 WEEKS


fabric choices

Extensive range of fabrics from Plain, clear, striped, & patterned

UV rated

Fabrics are UV rated, Water resistant, Mold & Mildew resistant, Flame retardant

fabrics to choose

Great way to cut down solar gain

Various cell sizes

Outdoor living

6 brands ranging

Can be automated, controlled by remote, timer or sensors


Can also be fitted with an intelligent Somfy motor system which reacts to sun & wind sensors to create an automated awning solution.


Depending on material choice, for general maintenance, clean with water and cloth, can be hosed down, but not with a pressure hose. Leave down to dry before rolling up. Alternatively, use our preferred cleaning company, for more info please contact our showroom.


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