Thank you for choosing Stylecraft & Co (Formerly known as – Stylecraft Blinds + Awnings Pty Ltd. ABN 82 003 988 190 (STYLECRAFT))

Set out below are the terms and conditions of the agreement between you (the Customer) and STYLECRAFT for your window furnishings. In this agreement the “Customer” means you, the “Window Furnishings” means the products you have ordered, the “Order” means the order/ quotation form and the “Purchase Price” means the total purchase price for the Window Furnishings shown on the Order. Please make sure you have read this page and checked your Order carefully before you proceed.


  1. Immediately on accepting the Order/Quote the Customer must pay to STYLECRAFT a deposit payment by cash, credit card, or direct deposit.
    1. 50% of the Purchase Price.
    2. The final 50% is required 48hrs prior to installation.

Please note: Card merchant surcharges will be payable if you chose you pay via debit/credit card

  1. By placing the order and payment of deposit, the Customer acknowledges that they have:
    1. Read, reviewed and understand all products outlined on the quote and are comfortable with what has been put forward.
    2. Read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement and agrees to be bound by them.
  2. The Customer acknowledges that STYLECRAFT will normally commence the manufacturing process of the Window Furnishings within 48 hours of this Order being signed.
  3. If the Customer cancels the Order after STYLECRAFT commences manufacture, then the Customer forfeits the deposit payment.
  4. The Customer may only vary the Order if the Customer and STYLECRAFT are able to agree on a new purchase price for the Window Furnishings. Any variations to the contract must be in writing.
  5. The Customer acknowledges that materials can be liable to variations in colour due to differences between production runs. While STYLECRAFT will do all it reasonably can to ensure that the materials used for the Window Furnishings matches the sample chosen by the Customer, the Customer acknowledges that STYLECRAFT does not promise an exact colour match and the Customer must not make any claim against STYLECRAFT where any such variations occur.
  6. The Customer acknowledges that all Window Furnishings must be maintained with regular cleaning and maintenance and operated in accordance with any operating instructions provided by STYLECRAFT or its contractors. Failure to do so may void the Guarantee, referred to in clause C below.
  7. On the agreed installation date, the Customer must give the Installer safe and adequate access to where the Window Furnishings are to be installed. STYLECRAFT reserve the right to discontinue work when our installers are of the opinion that the premises are not safe. If we leave site due to unsafe conditions, additional charges are payable.
  8. The work shall be performed during regular working hours on regular working days. Stylecraft reserves the right to apply an additional charge for works outside regular hours ie; 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday.
  9. Before the installer begins work the Customer must inform the Installer of the location of any water pipes, electrical cables or any other potential hazard of any kind that may cause damage or injury to people or property during or as a result of the installation of the Window Furnishings.
  10. In addition, the Customer acknowledges that STYLECRAFT cannot accept responsibility for sub-standard fixing points where Window Furnishings are to be installed.
  11. Jobs to be installed at staggered intervals will be charged progress payments and additional call out fees of $160 plus GST per visit.
  12. If the job is delayed on the Customer’s end by more than one calendar month, goods must be paid in full. Storage fees may also apply.
  13. It is the customers responsibility to provide power, at their own cost, to complete the job.



  1. STYLECRAFT must make the Window Furnishings to the specifications as set out in the Order.
  2. The Customer acknowledges that STYLECRAFT will make the Window Furnishings square, and the Customer must not make any claim against STYLECRAFT if the windows or frames in which the Window Furnishings are installed are out of square.
  3. STYLECRAFT will endeavour to hide imperfections where possible.
  4. STYLECRAFT will use due care and skill and will use materials fit for the purpose when making the Window Furnishings.
  5. As we order everything within the first 24-48 hours, if the Customer attempts to cancel the order within 48 hours of receipt of down payment, the Customer forfeits a minimum 40% of down payment.
  6. STYLECRAFT will provide a qualified installer to install the Window Furnishings.
  7. STYLECRAFT installers have a minimum 5-year trade or industry experience and full Public Liability insurance.
  8. STYLECRAFT partners and/or contractors will endeavour to be on site for all or part of installation. However, in busy times this may not be possible.
  9. Before the agreed installation date STYLECRAFT will contact the Customer with an estimated delivery time for the Window Furnishings. STYLECRAFT is not responsible for unforeseen delays from our suppliers that are beyond our control.
  10. The Window Furnishings remain STYLECRAFT’s property until STYLECRAFT has received the full Purchase Price. The full balance of all goods must be paid on or before installation and only direct transfer, credit card, cash or cheque is acceptable for the balance.
  11. Repeated trips by our installers not included in original contract, will be charged a call out fee of no less than $160 plus GST.
  12. STYLECRAFT provides an itemised quotation free of charge. Within this quote a best estimate has been made to include time to install, travel and material costs associated with the proposed job. Any unforeseen issues outside of STYLECRAFT’s control will be billed to the customer as additional time and materials.


  1. Five (5) years (minimum) warranty on all custom-made Window Furnishings from the date of installation.
  2. Installation by the Customer reduces the warranty to a minimum one year.
  3. Where a product under warranty is no longer available a substitute product from STYLECRAFT’s current range to the same value will be offered as a replacement during the warranty period.
  4. The warranty is against defects in components and/or faulty workmanship for the above periods from the date of installation.
  5. The warranty does not extend to damage caused by accidents, misuse or abuse of the product and does not cover depreciation through ordinary wear and tear.
  6. All other claims will attract pick up, delivery or service charges which will need to be prepaid.
  7. Any attempts to repair, alter or adjust any STYLECRAFT products by an unauthorised person will deem this warranty null and void. This especially includes painters removing items.
  8. All warranties are non-transferable.
  9. Any product imperfections or slight variations will be logged by the installer and brought to the attention of the customer during the installation.
  10. These imperfections, if deemed unacceptable will be photographed and flagged to the factory. Replacements, the ability to rectify or repair will be made in good time. Generally, variations in the surface colour, texture and finish of walls are to be viewed where possible from a normal viewing position, defined as looking at a distance of 1.5 m or greater or from 600 mm for fixtures (blinds and curtains) with the surface or material being illuminated by ‘non-critical light’ (a torch). Please note that not all slight variations constitute a defect. For more information, please visit