Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

The Roller Blind, traditionally known as the Holland Blind, is a clean and stylish option suitable for both small & large window apertures. 

Low maintenance and available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and textures to suit any home, school or business. We can also custom print your company branding onto the fabric. Come into our showroom to view our range of European, American & Australian fabric brands.

Roller Blinds can be fitted inside the window (reveal fit) and outside the window (face fit). They can also be installed in either a back roll or front roll configuration. The back roll moves the fabric closer to the glass, but the roll of fabric can be seen, which we feel if it’s a white back blockout textured fabric, its best to choose a front roll. The front roll acts as its own pelmet, hiding the tube and if used in a double roller also hides the blind behind it.

Blockout Roller Blinds can be paired with Sheer Curtains or Sunscreen fabrics to achieve privacy day and night, see Double Roller. 


The open weave of the sunscreen range can add a relaxed look to any room, creating a contemporary open plan feel. Maximise light and reduce heat and glare. A major feature of the sunscreen fabric is the glare reduction technology that offers maximum eye comfort, by softening the sun's glare and diffusing light into the room, creating shade, cutting down heat whilst maintaining your views.

Privacy and insulation can be increased or reduced depending on the open weave of the fabric which ranges from 3% - 10% open, or the coverage of perforations per square metre

Due to the fabrics weave acting as a two-way mirror; you are able to see outside whilst still enjoying your privacy. From the outside during daylight hours the screen fabric makes your window mirrored giving you complete privacy. At night, however, with the lights on inside, from outside you can see inside, so we always recommend adding an additional block out on street facing rooms and bedrooms. See double roller for more details.
Screen Fabrics
Translucent Fabrics
Translucent or semi-sheer fabrics fit nicely between the sunscreen and block-out fabrics. These fabrics give you more privacy than a sunscreen as you can neither see out of them or into the window from outside. Translucent fabrics allow light to glow through , which means you can maintain privacy without plunging the room into darkness - a great option for living areas where total blockout is not required.
We stock a wide range of blockout fabrics, the vast majority of textured fabrics come with a white rubber backing, whereas plain fabrics are often the same colour front and back. To make a blockout roller cut out as much light as possible we recommend either installing them on the face of the architrave as a back roll configuration or manufactured as a Cassette Roller Blind which houses the fabric within a neat head box at the top of the window opening and side channels down both sides, to block any edge light spill, ideal for theatre rooms and bedrooms.
Blockout Fabrics


Double Roller
We recommend the Double Roller Blind to get the best out of the roller blind. Matching complementary or contrasting fabrics to give you more options to tackle privacy, light and heat as well as a truly custom and stylish finish.

Rollers can be fitted either inside the architrave (reveal fit) or onto the front of the architrave (face fit). The reveal fit blind sits nicely inside the window frame giving a clean finish to the window, leaving a 25mm gap down both the right and left side of the blind, whereas a back rolled face fit blind gives a much better coverage of the window if you are trying to block out light.

As with all of our product range, the roller blind comes with a host of custom componentry including brackets, pull cords, chain guards and bottom rail shapes, colour and materials, hand finished scallops or straight sewn hems.
If heat is your biggest factor to address, then we would advise to look for foil backed rollers, these are plain and textured fabrics with a metal lined backing. These fabrics come in a semi transparent metalised screen and blockout which reflects the heat much better than a white back roller, however, if reducing heat into the home is your main goal then we recommend an exterior product to stop the sun hitting the glass.
Solar Reflective
Bonded Roller
If you are unable to find a roller blind fabric that best suits your home, then bonded rollers may be the answer. Choose for our extensive range of fabrics which are then pressed & glued onto a roller blind backing with a straight sewn finish. This works particularly well if you have curtains and roller blinds in the same room.
Stiffened roller blinds use a stiffened drapery fabric to make them suitable for use as a roller blind. These filter natural light and provide daytime privacy, while adding style and elegance to your room.

Your chosen lace, print or plain fabric is treated with a stiffening solution making it strong, durable and roller ready while maintaining fabric texture and transparency. These do not come in a blockout option, however depending on your fabric choice can still provide sufficient privacy day and night.

Plain and patterned fabrics can be finished with tassels, pull rings, trims, piping or binding. A large range of fabric compositions can be used, with print fabrics expertly pattern matched, all finished with either a zig zag or plain stitched base pocket with weighted insert.
Stiffened Roller

Product Specifications

Size Minimum: 300mm width x 300mm drop | Maximum: 3000mm in width x 3000mm drop
Warranty 5 year installation warranty | 3 year manufacturer warranty | 5 – 10 year fabric warranty
Price Range All blinds are custom made from your fabric and component selection and range from $100 - $1000
Made In Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) | Fabrics from UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand & Australia
Lead Times 2 – 4 WEEKS


completely customizable


cord cordless chain

100s of fabric

UV rated
Fabrics are UV rated, Water resistant, Mold & Mildew resistant, Flame retardant
6 brands ranging

6 brands ranging from basic to designer


Chain, spring control, zero gravity (cordless), motorised


Somfy Altus 40, Somfy Sonesse 40. hard-wired, wireless, remote control, timer control, light switch control, somfy connexion app, google, Alexa or your in-home automation system.


Depending on fabric choice, for general maintenance, use soft attachment on vacuum cleaner to remove dust, any stains, spot treat with warm water and magic eraser. If blind requires a full clean, dry clean whilst hung by our preferred cleaning company, for more info please contact our showroom.


We had shutters installed on most of our windows and they are amazing!! The people at Stylecraft were so efficient, professional and lovely as well. Would recommend them to anyone who asked without hesitation. It’s made such a difference to our home, we couldn’t be happier!

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